Rethink How Franchise Fees Work

Franchise Investment explained. Imagine starting a new business and even before you make any money, you have to come up with hundreds of thousands of dollars in franchising and operating fees. What are your chances of you succeeding? Not much! If we look at our franchisees as partners, how is it fair for us to get you in debt and charge outrageous start-up fees? Our model is based on working together with individuals that love our brand and wants to grow with us.  We have an affordable and realistic start up low cost cleaning franchise.


Our Own Proprietary Software and Applications

We developed and use our own proprietary software to run the entire Tina Maids operation. Our systems are not dependent on any third-party service.

Our own software and applications elevates and streamlines a higher franchisee/customer experience with interactive actions.

Click And Clean

Book Services Online in minutes

Our Click And Clean (TM) platform allows customers to book your services online in minutes! They receive a price, pick and date and time based on your availability and save a payment method on file. Click here to view it in action.

Standard Process

Standard Cleaning Process and methods

We have developed a consistent and standard cleaning process for all customers. From pricing to services and everything else in between. All of your employees and staff members are trained in our standard cleaning process.

Marketing & Support

Automated marketing and customer support

Our team of marketing experts run your marketing campaigns, send customer estimates and quotes and close jobs for you. We also provide your customers and staff members professional support service 24 hours per day, 7 days per week via phone, email and our app.

We have several options to start your new franchise.  Our Initial Franchise Investment costs can vary from package options and locations. Most franchisees can expect an initial investment of $27,650 - $34,900*. This cost is based on franchise fees ($19,900), equipment and tools, website and mobile apps, initial marketing and operating costs, insurance and legal fees.

Christina William Tina Maids

Focus on running your business

Leave the technical side of running a successful business to our experts. We take care of customer support, marketing and training your staff. We are always a click or a phone call away!

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Our Story

Tina Maids (TM) is a provider of home and business cleaning services in the United States. Tina Maids was founded by William and Christina Geronco, husband and wife. While on the search for a cleaning company to service their own home, they quickly realized how outdated the home cleaning business actually was.William, with a background in computer programming and marketing, and Christina with years of business management experience, decided to start their own cleaning company in a attempt to fix all the things they noticed were lacking from the current standard home cleaning industry.

The marketing and customer acquisition process has been optimized, and an entire marketing platform have been developed to significantly reduce the cost of acquiring a new customer. Want to learn more about our system? Click here to watch our webinar.

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