Our Home Cleaning Franchise Process

When we started Tina Maids, our main focus was providing professional quality work and deliver outstanding customer service to homeowners. We realized the market was oversaturated with home cleaning companies offering "average quality" services and overcharging frustrated customers. So we came up with our own unique Home Cleaning Franchise Process and ways to do business!


Homeowners Contact Us

Homeowners find us online or download our mobile app. Within our system, customers fill out a simple form with details about their home such as number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, etc. The system verifies the lead and checks for accuracy. It checks the address for home size and location, using the Google Maps API and other various third party programs. It also checks the homeowner's information for accuracy. It then redirects the request to next step.


Sending An Estimate

Our system sends this request to one of our staff members who will follow your pricing table formula, price the job and type an estimate for the homeowner. This estimate is then sent to the potential client and our "follow up" procedures will begin. The homeowner's information is entered into your system and only you and our staff will have access to this customer's information. This information is not shared to other Tina Maids locations or franchisees.


Getting The Job

Our staff will contact the homeowner and attempt to get an estimate approval. Once this estimate is approved, it becomes a contract between you and the homeowner. This homeowner is now one of your clients. You will get a notification from us to help you schedule this job according to your maid's schedule.


Getting Paid

We prefer homeowners to have credit or debit card saved on file however clients can also pay via check or cash. If a card is saved on file, your client will be charged immediately after the cleaning appointment is completed. All payments, extra fees and service charges go straight into your bank checking account, not ours. We run the operation, you own the business!

Customer Support

Homeowners will often have questions, suggestions and complaints. We have a dedicated team of customer service professionals who are always ready to help your customers. Homeowners have the option to be transferred to you or your office directly or we can handle it for you! We have the ability to take notes, take estimate requests, help customers with questions, resolve complaints, take suggestions and much more.

Focus on running your business

Leave the technical side of running a successful business to our experts. We take care of customer support, marketing and training your staff. We are always a click or a phone call away!

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How It All Started

When we began developing the technology and cleaning system behind Tina Maids, there was one huge question that needed to be addressed. How can we effectively implement technology into our system and revolutionize one of the oldest industries with the best possible quality work for a price that won’t break the bank and won't compromise in quality? Home Cleaning Franchis

Christina William Tina Maids

This was no easy task, however with the right resources and tools, we began working and close to a year later, Tina Maids was born! The company was a success almost as soon as the doors were opened. With great 5-star reviews pouring in and the company growing larger, we decided it was time to bring the system and this great opportunity one step further.

Your Own BusinessGreat OpportunityLife SecurityGreat Corporate SupportProven ConceptLow Startup Costs

Tina Maids Franchise offers a full range of home cleaning services, all maids are screened and undergo thorough background checks and each location is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We will guide you and provide tools to help make the employment process easy and efficient.

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