Top Residential Cleaning Industry Trends

residential cleaning

The house cleaning business is a dependable and predictable industry. One of the best aspects of this business is that it remains relatively reliable during a recession or economic downturn. If you are considering starting your own house cleaning business, or are looking to invest in one, staying up to date on industry trends is important. Many people make the mistake of not committing to a digital marketing plan, or completely rule out the idea that taking a business online is too much money. While it is true that you can still start a cleaning service without an online presence, it is getting increasingly difficult to do so. For one thing, more and more people are using social media and digital marketing strategies to scale and grow their business. residential cleaning

Online Marketing Trends

If you are not on Facebook and Twitter, people may wonder if you are really on top of things. They might even assume you are hiding something, a littered trail of failed business relationships or less than stellar decisions. There is no compelling reason to not embrace the strong marketing and networking opportunities online. To do so takes little time, money and energy and can yield positive returns for many years. residential cleaning

Outside of the high-tech marketing trends of the last five years, the house cleaning service business sector has changed little internally. How one engages in cleaning a home has changed little in the past several decades. There has been some improvement in vacuum technology and a shift away from the use of toxic chemicals and toward the use of green and healthy cleaning supplies. This is a positive trend for the cleaning professional and the entrepreneur. Your health and potential for growth and sector-specialization can only benefit from these shifts. residential cleaning

Green Cleaning Niche

The healthy cleaning niche is gaining popularity in the janitorial industry. As a subculture within the general professional cleaning culture, it is perceived as forward-thinking. It is well-supported by experts promoting no shortage of new products. You can specialize in green and healthy cleaning for people who prioritize health-consciousness in their homes. This angle works for commercial cleaning services as well, as it reduces the cost of liability for the host business. residential cleaning

Optimizing your Cleaning Business

With increasing competition, and price-sensitive customers, cleaning professionals and entrepreneurs need to find ways to make more sales and build processes for keeping customers satisfied. Time is money. You cannot afford to micromanage every task, put out fires, and oversee every customer interaction. You need to fine tune your systems and optimize your existing team to increase efficiency without sacrificing reliability. residential cleaning

Customer Service Will Become More Automated

Many cleaning businesses spend too much time delivering customer service on the phone. This time could be better spent handling customer issues when they do pop-up and working on other critical business areas. This is set to change as businesses embrace smart customer service systems. Systems ensure consistency, efficiency, and quality, every single job. Smart customer service systems mean you can spend less time on the phone and more time delivering stellar customer service. residential cleaning

Responsiveness is What Wins More Jobs

Customers expect their questions and problems to be solved immediately. If they want to know the cost of your service, book an appointment, ask a question, or buy something, it must be instant. This can be accomplished through live chat on a website and being responsive on social media as well. Having instant quote and online booking features is a tremendous leveraging tool to have if you want to grow your cleaning business and engage customers. residential cleaning

Investing in Business Software

Cleaning businesses currently face a major challenge: If they cannot be more efficient at managing certain business areas like invoicing and payments, they will fall behind the competition—and lose money. The cleaning businesses that will remain ahead of the curve are those that choose to invest in the right residential cleaning software. There are so many moving parts of running a successful cleaning business: customer management, frequency of visits, lead management and qualification, team scheduling, invoicing, and payments. And there is only so much you can juggle. The more you take on, the more opportunities you lose to quick-thinking competitors. residential cleaning

It is virtually impossible to try to grow a successful cleaning business without relying on software. This is a crucial cleaning industry trend, relying on powerful operations software to run your cleaning business. In the case of Tina Maids their business management software is effective and offers a proprietary suite of cloud-based systems and mobile applications to help franchisees run their business smoothly and more efficiently. residential cleaning

Finding the Right Customers

Finding more customers is always on the to-do list for many businesses, but finding the right customers proves to be more effective in the long term. Finding the right customers means finding the right needs and finding the right needs, means that as a business owner, you are able to deliver your services to people who are in need of them and who are likely to reuse your services.

Cleaning Businesses Will Compete on Customer Service (Not Price)

The main attribute of a successful business is customer service. The business that will succeed are those who deliver quality work and go above and beyond to ‘wow’ customers, book more recurring work, and win more referrals. Delivering fantastic service does not mean you need to go beyond reasonable means; it just means looking for the small things that really matter to customers and they will be sure to take notice. residential cleaning

Focusing on Small Wins

Running a cleaning business can be challenging. There is a lot to manage: invoicing, payments, staff management, customer issues, etc. Focus on the core tenets of running a successful cleaning business, which is doing good work, taking care of your employees, and putting your customers first. How this can be done depends on the systems you put in place, which consists of building a strong team, and most importantly, taking one small step at a time to create small wins. These small wins, which can mean going the extra mile for a customer, can add up over the long term and result in long-term success. residential cleaning

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